Aquarium of the Bay deployed VUTAGS cloud-based voice tour

NEW complimentary foreign language self guided audio tours are available at Aquarium of the Bay at PIER 39 using your Apple or Android smart phone and scanning a QR Code. Audio is available in Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and English. Foreign language audio tours by VUTAGS. Aquarium OftheBay PIER 39 Vutags

Attracting Chinese Tourism with QR Codes

Unlike Americans, most Chinese leave their wallets at home. In its place is WeChat, an app that has become woven into Chinese life. WeChat is used by almost 900 million Chinese on a daily basis.
A byproduct of WeChat’s ubiquity in China is the rise of the QR code, its importance exemplified by a recent

Chinese Tourist Spending power

Chinese travelers are spending a higher share of their income on international travel and intend to spend even more in the next year despite a slowing down of the Chinese economy.

This is a reflection of the growing importance of travel to Chinese travelers as a means of self expression and for relaxation. Travel

This startup wants to modernize the hotel industry

Calling for room service is kind of annoying, though it’s one of the most first world-type of problems one could have. But that’s just to say the hotel industry is behind, technologically speaking.
Startup AavGo is trying to fix that by bringing iPads into hotels to enable hotel staff to communicate among themselves, as well as enable

QR codes in China

Interest in QR codes may be dwindling in the West but the technology is going strong in China, and increasingly popular in India too.
Their success has been helped by tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba pushing the concept to consumers, with Alipay (presently China’s most popular online payment method) adopting the tech in

The iPhone’s camera app can now read QR codes

Remember when QR codes were the next big thing? In the U.S. you used to be able to find them on billboards, business cards — you name it. They were supposed to change the way we use our devices. Remember CurrentC? But the technology never really caught on stateside, mainly because users had to download a totally

Making Chinese tourists feel at home in your business

As Chinese tourists choosing to visit the United States has increased, the number of potential issues has also increased. It is imperative that businesses catering to these travelers understand the problems they may face when they come to the United States.

Employee education is the most important factor in providing a positive experience for